Takata Airbags

Get Your Dangerous Takata Airbags Fixed NOW!

George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers urges vehicle owners and lessees with defective Takata airbags to seek a remedy as soon as possible. South Carolina drivers can check their vehicles’ Takata airbag recall status online via the NHTSA website using their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If your vehicle is affected and a remedy has been made available, please do not delay in bringing your car into your dealership for a free repair.

As the largest automotive recall in U.S. history, the Takata airbag recall affects millions of drivers. Defective Takata airbag inflators are known to propel shrapnel through the air upon deployment, leading to serious injury or death. So far, ten people in the United States have died from these explosions, and more than 100 others have been injured. The recall may expand to include an additional 85 million vehicles if Takata cannot prove that the inflators in those vehicles are safe.

The recall affects fourteen different automakers, including BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Honda, Jaguar/Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen.  A complete listing of affected vehicles can be obtained from Consumer Reports. If you have not yet received notification of the recall and your vehicle is listed online, get in touch with your dealership to find out what to do next. If the defect affects the driver’s side airbag, you may be eligible for a rental vehicle or loaner at no cost to you until a fix becomes available. If the defect affects the passenger side, you may be able to have the airbag turned off on that side and can avoid using that seat until a repair is made.

If you, a loved one, or someone you know has sustained an injury caused by a defective airbag, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. An attorney at George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers is prepared to review your case and inform you of your legal options.